Who we are .....

   PartSense, Inc. is a contract service that specializes in helping the engineering community leverage the power of advanced 3D modeling and drafting software while providing cost-effective and well-engineered electro/mechanical design solutions. 

   PartSense is short for "Parts that make Sense" and mimics the old expression "horse sense". 

   These are the basic principles on which PartSense was founded. We've been incorporating 3D in our design work since 1994 and harnessing the power of parametric solid modeling since 1998 to accelerate product development time. Coupled with 16 years of electro/mechanical engineering and manufacturing experience we have developed a reputation for speed, accuracy, and winning results.  

   Simply put, we provide you with the cost-effective engineering support you need and the highest quality models and drawings that today's top end software can produce, organize it intelligently, and leave you with the satisfaction of knowing the job was done right. The long-term benefit is that your in-house engineers continue to use the same foundational parts, assemblies, and drawings to efficiently produce new hybrid designs and quickly turn-around future routine revisions. 

   Whether you lack the solid toolset or you’re just starting to implement solid modeling or have been using it for some time, PartSense has the experience and flexibility to give you the engineering support you need. Please contact us and let us know what we can do to help your company excel!

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