3D Design.........allows you to....

* Design conceptually with clarity and precision

* Clearly convey your concepts to decision makers and clients

* Create a finished product virtually

* Go directly to fabrication using solid part files

* Significantly decrease the time of revision cycles

* Easily create instructional assembly and installation documentation

* Release new products faster than ever before

* Lower engineering costs and increase profit margin

Support.........gives you....

* Experienced professional help with your project

* New innovative solutions from a fresh perspective

* An additional team member to boost productivity

* Expert help and instruction with the software you use

* Flexibility when deciding to take on additional projects

* Out-sourcing options when office space is limited

* A valuable alternative to long-term employee overhead

Visualization.........enables you to....

* Evaluate the marketability of a new product

* Illustrate to prospective clients the usefulness of your product

* Preview many variations of product appearance like shape, color, and texture

* Simulate and test the functionality of a design without physically building it

* Keep all involved with product development focused on the end result

* Gain a competitive edge in the market place


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